Users can now Save Videos and Photos, Share Voice Posts, and Archive Facebook Stories

Facebook are now moving their stories feature to another level as they are presently pushing more options to it. The facebook stories now has bunch of new features, including Save Photos and Videos, Voice Posts, and Stories Archive.

The ultimate aim of the new development is to let people “connect in the moment with Facebook Stories”, which will eventually make users adhere to the social networking platform.


One of the most needed feature is the Save Photos and Videos feature. The Save Photos and Videos feature offers you a way to save photos and videos that you capture using the Facebook Camera which can also be called memories. These memories can be seen right when you log into your Facebook account and help you save it in your phone storage.

“The feature will allow you to save the photos and videos that you’ve captured through your Facebook Camera to a separate space from the rest of your shared photos so that other people can’t see them,” explained Connor Hayes. “This is going to be an option for people to save the photos that they might want to share later as well,” he added.


To save a photo or video, go to the Facebook Camera and then tap the Save button at the bottom. After that, you need to tap the Facebook Camera option to save your memories to the private space. In case if you don’t want to use the new feature, the Facebook Camera also has the Your Phone option within the Save To screen to let you save your content locally.

Save facebook stories photos and videos feature

The latest feature lets you save as many photos and videos as you want – without worrying about low storage on your device – just like cloud. “At this point, you’ll be able to save as many photos and videos as you can using the Facebook Camera with this feature. There isn’t an option to upload photos or videos directly from phone – it’s strictly for the things that you’ve captured within the Facebook Camera,” Hayes said.

The feature to save photos and videos on the Facebook Camera is initially rolling out to Facebook for Android. There is no word on its arrival on Facebook Lite and for devices running iOS.

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Apart from the Save Photos and Videos feature, Facebook has added the ability to let you spread your voice through Voice Posts, although not new to other social media platforms like whatsapp.

To facebook, its a fresh thing for users and is designed to let users start sharing their voice notes on the social networking platform. “The important thing that we’ve learnt from WhatsApp is that voice messaging is an increasingly popular way for people to communicate when they don’t want to type up messages. In my own observation, the audio note is a very important way for people to express themselves and communicate.


The whatsapp voice note and that of facebook works in a similar way. By moving to the left, you will see the microphone icon, then tap and hold down the microphone button to record audio. Once you are done recording, you need to lift your finger to stop its recording.

Facebook voice Note feature

Facebook has also provided a dedicated screen that will appear after the recording is stopped to let you pick a background colour, background photo, text, doodle, or a sticker – matching the theme of your Voice Posts. Furthermore, you can also pick photos from your phone’s local storage.

After completing the recording with Voice, you can share them on Facebook Stories or as a post on News Feed. A voice post on Stories can’t be more than 20 seconds, while there is no limit for a voice post shared to News Feed. However, the recording time is restricted by the local storage available on the device.

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The new voice note feature is first coming to Facebook Lite users, though Android users on the regular Facebook app will see its availability in the coming months. There is no word on its availability on iOS.


The third feature is the Stories Archive. Just like the name, it lets user archive their Facebook Stories to reshare or re-post them on the social network.


You’ll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed. After that, your Stories will be available to access at any time. You can also reshare them as a story or post it on News Feed.

Further, you can also send one of your archived Stories to your contacts over Messenger. Facebook will also provide a disable Stories Archive option to stop Facebook from saving your old stories.

Is quiet becoming boring as stories can now be accessible after the standard 24 hours window passes. Looking at the Save Photos and Videos feature which you can make use of to manually save your facebook stories to camera, i don’t think this stories Archive is in any place important.

The availability of the new features globally wasn’t uncovered rather Connor Hayes said: “These are features that are rolling out first in India but eventually they will be broadly available.”

What do you think about this features?

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