Secure Your Documents with Google Keep: See it’s 5 basic features

Google keep is equivalent to Note that is also use to save important documents and write-up safe. To all bloggers, Google keep is 100% needed in other to save your future post save to the appointed day you wish to publish it. To every student who makes more use of online research, this app is perfect for you in other to save your findings for future use.

The Google keep comes with many features that even i where not able to capture it all but at least i was able to fish out the five basic awesome features of this app which makes it easier for dummy head users that frequently forget something within some hours.

Secure Your Documents with Google Keep: See it's 5 basic features


Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. It is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Google Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. Users can set reminders, which are integrated with Google Now.

With the above definition, you can see that it has various features that makes it much more better and secured than that of Note.

5 Basic Features Of Google Keep 

1: Permanent Note
Once you want to open this app for the first time it will require the use of gmail to login to it. After successful login in, all your notes will permanently still intact only if you decide to delete them manually.

If you buy new phone all you need to do is to download the Google keep and login with your previous gmail and all your old notes will be right in front of you. When you delete some notes in your Google keep, you can still access them within 1 week provided you are still using it’s default settings by going to trash. If it was a mistake then you can undo it from the trash back to the main note. Once it’s up-to one week, the Google keep will permanently delete the note and that is gone for ever.

2: Pin-Note
After making a successful lovely note on Google keep, you can pin it to the Top as your favorite note that you always which to sight when ever you opened your Google Keep App while others will go below it.

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You can pin-note by clicking and holding your note to highlight it then locate pin icon above (looks like office pin) then click on it.

3: Colorful
After saving your various stuffs on keep, you can differs them with the color feature. The color feature comes with all types of color which makes it easier to color many notes with different colors in other to Note the most important ones from random notes.

To apply the color feature, kindly open your Google keep app and click and hold on your note to highlight it then click on the color graphic icon above and you will see various colors to make your choice.

4: Remainder
In Google keep, reminder functions exactly like the normal phone remainder which notifies you earlier before the appropriate time eg if you set it to remind you by 4pm, it will notify you around 3pm in other for you to prepare.

You can apply Remainder feature by click and hold on your note to highlight it then click on the finger icon on the above to set up your day, time or year.

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5: Extract Image Text
Did you know images can be inserted into Keep notes? That’s pretty straightforward, but what about extracting the text from those images? Keep can do that too, and it’s a really useful feature. For example, you just snap a photo of someone’s business card or Screenshot something, then have keep turn it into editable text.

The first step is getting an image in Keep. You can add a photo to a new note with the camera button at the bottom of the screen. Either snap a new image or import one you’ve already taken (these can be screenshots as well). For existing notes, the image option is in the overflow menu.

Once you’ve got the pic in Keep, open the overflow menu and select “Grab image text.” Google Keep runs optical character recognition on the image (which takes a couple seconds) and adds the text under the image.


This are the awesome basic features of Google keep but mind you that this google keep has many more features and it’s available for iPhone and Android phone users also accessible through web. With this features, bloggers, Students and even businessmen can make use of this app to save info’s for future use.

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