Reddit introduced 2AF Security: Enable Yours Now

One of the Social bookmark giant ‘Reddit’ has brought two-factor authenticationto all its users which will help them to protect their accounts. The content aggregation and discussion site, which calls itself the front page of the Internet, announced the 2FA security feature on its blog, saying it was a much-awaited one.

Months back, Reddit started working on the two-factor authentication feature. Later, it rolled out a beta version. Finally, two months ago, Reddit had started testing the feature by making it available to its moderators. Now, the 2FA security feature is available for all.

Reddit introduced 2AF Security: Enable Yours Now

Two-factor authentication is the considered a gold standard of security for many reasons. Even if someone were to guess your password or it got leaked as part of a hack, no one can log in to your account without physical access to your device. In the case of Reddit, for users who choose 2FA security, they can access a 6-digit verification code generated on their smartphone after a new sign-in attempt.


In order to enable two-factor authentication, log in to your Reddit account and tap on Preferences in the top menu. Now, select Password/email tab. Further, select the option to enable two-factor authentication, then follow the instructions to complete the process.

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Interestingly. Reddit can generate 10 backup codes. So, if you lose your phone or cannot use the authenticator app, the backup codes provided by Reddit can be used to access the account. Notably, each code can be used only one time.

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