PUBG Mobile version 0.6.0 with Royale Pass update now Available for iOS and Android Users

War Mode coming to PUBG Mobile version 0.7.0 For Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile has roll-out its latest version 0.6.0 update which added the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass to the game. Also, referred to as Elite Royale Pass was also added. With the Royale Pass you can complete daily and weekly missions to earn additional crates and if you can’t commit that much time to PUBG, you can pay to unlock rewards directly.

Other additions to the game include first person perspective (FPP), weapon finishes, new character profiles. emotes, and user interface improvements.

“An elite version of the Royale Pass is also available. Purchasing the Elite Royale Pass unlocks elite missions to earn more points and collect additional rewards for each rank,” reads the game’s patch stated.

PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 update Include;

  • Royale Pass and Elite Royale Pass
  • Season 1 of Royale Pass starts in mid-June. It will be available for purchase for all players.
  • First-Person Perspective (FPP)
  • Added first-person perspective variation to Classic Mode.
  • FPP has its own tier system.
  • Mini-Zone:¬†100 players, smaller map, three times the resources and air drops.
  • Weapon Finishes: added weapon finishes to the game, new finishes can be obtained in the game and applied to your weapons.
  • Airplane Finishes: added airplane finishes to the game.The player with the highest Royale Pass rank in a match can change the plane’s finish before parachuting.
  • Armory: added an Armory where you can view all the weapons in the game and add attachments to see how effective they are.
  • Pistols: pistols now get their own slot on the match UI and in the backpack.
  • Melee Weapons: melee weapons can now destroy tires on vehicles.
  • Voice System: players can now mute individual teammates.
  • Improved voice chat system during matches.
  • Results: added a new post-match results screen.
  • Tier Protection
  • Characters: added Asian characters,¬†character profiles,¬†simple emotes so players can interact with one another. More emotes are available via the Royale Pass.
  • Social Network Link: players can now link one additional social network, for a total of two.
  • Room Cards: added room cards, which can be used to start rooms. They are available via Royale Pass.
  • Shop: added parachutes, weapon finishes, avatars, avatar frames, and other new items.
  • Items can be gifted to friends.
  • Added career results screen.
  • Added a character customization page, accessible from the profile screen.
  • Added different sound effects for the winner and runner-up at the end of the match.
  • Added a reminder tone for the last five seconds before boarding.
  • Added a marking feature for quick chat. Players can now mark loot locations or dangerous spots.
  • UI and sensitivity information is now saved locally.
  • Added a Shop for trading Silver Fragments for Outfits.
  • Added background noises for some zones, such as the sound of waves crashing when you’re near the shore.
  • Added more customizable buttons.
  • Added Miramar to Arcade Mode.
  • Vehicles no longer deal damage to teammates.
  • Improved throwing animation, grenade explosion, and smoke grenade effects.
  • Fixed 8x scope and vehicle camera bugs in Spectator Mode.
  • Fixed choppy voice chat bugs and Bluetooth headset disconnect bugs.
  • Improved UI and vehicle sound effects.
  • Improved sound mixing when firing indoors.
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PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 update download size is 1.7GB on iOS while the Android size is still unknown.

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