How to Play Xbox one, PC and Ps3 Games on Android Phone

In this post i will like to start with some questions which are; Apart from PSP games that can be played with ppsspp emulator, which other game can be play with Android device?. If my mind is working 50/50 i believe some will say Android official games while others will say non again lol. Actually non of you is wrong neither are you correct.

Oh yes their are many different games which can also be played in Android device with its different game emulator. Have you asked yourself if PC, Xbox one, and ps3 games can be played with Android phone? Some might have such words flowing their minds but no specific answer altogether. Today, i will be showing you all how to play Ps3, PC and Xbox one games with Gloud Games Gaming emulator.

How to Play Xbox one, PC and Ps3 Games on Android Phone


✅ First of all Download Gloud Game Emulator Apk
✅ Now after successful downloading, kindly install and open up the app to select your favorite game.
✅ No need of downloading separate File as its done on PSP games. Just open the Gloud Game app and you will see the list of games their.

NOTE: To play this cloud games, Strong network is highly required so if your network isn’t that strong, better don’t bother yourself.

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Also remember that all the games in ps3, PC and Xbox one is not in this Gloud game app but popular ones are their such as WWE, spiderman, gta, Pes, Fifa etc.

You have limit of 30mins to play each of this games but you can bypass it using the below little trick dropped by our whatsapp group member via Real_alex.


To continue playing your game after the game 30mins limit, you are required to have;

✅ App cloning app eg Parallel space, Cloner, Multi account etc
✅ After downloading the cloning app, open it and clone your Gloud games app.

Once you exhaust your 30mins limit, go-to settings > Apps > Gloud Games and clear cache. Now reclone the app and continue enjoying.

NOTE: This consumes alot of data so i advise you to use night plan sub. Incase you trust your pocket, you can ride on with your mine sub. Also, according to Real_Alex observation, you can use mtn 500mb via N25 Night plan to play different 8 games with no problem.

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