How to Convert your Btc and Ltc To Airtime with Bitrefill (Worldwide)

How to Convert your Btc and Ltc To Airtime with Bitrefill (Worldwide)

Having tutorial as your niche is the sweetest thing ever in terms of blogging. Don’t misunderstand me, everybody niche is good but being the mind creater of any article makes you feel more happy than ever. Today, I will be showing you all on how to top-up your SIM card with airtime with bitcoin and litcoin (Alternative coin).

Years, months, weeks or days back, you might have been into the cryptocurrency mining and at a point you decide to quit because of the data and stress involved. Little Advice: If you want to join btc, overlook mining and purchase with your money because mining aren’t easy anymore.

“Instead of abandoning that little btc or ltc you gathered, why not make use of it other way round.” this was what kept bothering me until our overall boss in digital currency Timmy brought to my notice about Bitrefill which enables you to convert your btc and ltc in to airtime globally. Although i have seen their ads on Social medias such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc but i ignored because of scammers that full online. After hearing it from our boss, I tried it out and to my surprise it was successful.

The word globally simple means that it’s available worldwide and not only in Nigeria. Now, to topup prepaid mobile phone some requirements are needed.

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  1. Active registered SIM card
  2. Active working Email address
  3. Btc and Ltc Wallet (Zero fee charge Supported wallets are Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and Xapo).

Having the above listed requirements, then follow the steps below to see how to successfully Topup your phone with Airtime.

NOTE: The steps being given below will be done with Nigeria number because i the writer is a Nigerian. So all you need to do is to follow the steps irrespective of your country.


✅ Visit and select your country zip code and Input your number in the Given box via screenshot below.

How to Convert your Bitcoin and Litcoin To Airtime with Bitrefill (Worldwide)

✅ After inputting your number, click the GO arrow sign button to open the next page.

✅ Once the next page opens, scroll down and input the airtime amount you want which it’s pieces of btc or ltc cost will be shown to you at the same time. After inputting the amount, go down to email address box and input your active email address and scroll down and tick ✔ Confirm Other Details and scroll down also to TO Payment. Under To payment, you will see a little white drop-down menu with a quote “Pay with“. Click it and select either BTC – Bitcoin or LTC – Litcoin and now click TO PAYMENTButton to move you to next page.

How to Convert your Bitcoin and Litcoin To Airtime with Bitrefill (Worldwide)

✅ Now, you will see your details and a warning note asking you to recheck your details. Please pay attention to that warning by rechecking before you cry out loud lolz. Below you will see the zero fee charge wallets and below them is the manual method which you will just input any of your btc and ltc wallets and get your airtime asap.

How to Convert your Bitcoin and Litcoin To Airtime with Bitrefill (Worldwide)

✅ After choosing from the one you wish to, a mail with be sent to your email for confirmation and once confirmed, you will see your airtime smiling in your phone.

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Note: Apart from the zero fee charged supported wallets, i don’t have idea on how many pieces of btc and ltc is being charged from the non supported.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Sunday before i forget.

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