How To Add Customize Link In Blogspot Blog Post

Some new bloggers find it difficult to add links to their blog post with a customize name like CLICK HERE so in this post i will show you guys the little steps to do in other to get what you want. Actually, adding links like download link help alot to keep your visitors on toe’s in your site instead of google to google to search for the App or Site they get it’s idea after reading your tutorial.

Frankly speaking, if i visit a site and grab the given info but where not able to see a link to proceed as stated in his/her post i will left without returning by so doing, the site have loss 1 visitor. Come to think of it, If people who behave like me where 60 out of 100 people that visited the site automatically the site have loss 61 visitors out of 100 which is left alone with only 39 visitors remaining.

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This is the beginning of the site downfall because it’s wasn’t able to give out 100% information as the procedure link was nowhere to be found. Today am going to show you the little steps to add links to your blog without stress.

How To Add Customized Link to Your Blog Post <

✔ Login into your blogger Dashboard

✔Click on New Post

✔Write your post contents and once you are done kindly locate the paragraph you will like the link to Appear and click on LINK in the above Navigation

How To Add Customize Link In Blogspot Blog Post

✔ Once you click on LINK above a pop-up will surface with two different box.

  • The first box is TEXT TO DISPLAY
  • The Second one is LINK TO 
How To Add Customize Link In Blogspot Blog Post

✔ In the first box, Kindly write the name you will like to display instead of  the Link eg DOWNLOAD HERE.

✔In the second box Link To – Now paste the URL link in the second box and click OK at the pop-up bottom.

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Once you are done with the above procedures, just publish your post and you are good to go.

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