Google Launched Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Network in Nigeria

Google Launched Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Network in Nigeria

On Thursday, the Search engine giant Google made a great announcement by launching it’s free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria. The front reason of the launching was to increase its presence in Africa which can be seen as a project in progress as its now live in the African most populous nation.

The service was made available in six places in the commercial capital Lagos, including the city’s airport. The US technology firm owned by Alphabet Inc partnered with Nigerian fibre cable network provider 21st Century to provide its public Wi-Fi service,¬†Google Station.

Google Launched Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Network in Nigeria

During the launching yesterday, Google vice president for product management, Anjali Joshi told Reuters “We are rolling out the service in Lagos today but the plan is to quickly expand to other locations,”. The statement is a relief to the remaining 180 million people who can’t enjoy the service at the moment.

The company said it aimed to collaborate with internet service providers to reach millions of Nigerians in 200 public spaces, across five cities by the end of 2019.

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Google revealed that it will generate cash from the service in Nigeria by placing Google adverts in the login portal. Google didn’t disclose the amount invested in the new Nigeria service.

Africa’s rapid population growth, falling data costs and heavy adoption of mobile phones has made it an attractive investment prospect for technology companies.

After the recent move into Mexico and Thailand, Nigeria is the 5th country to have the Google station. The five counties with the Google free Wi-Fi hotspots are India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Nigeria.

From my observation, data is too cost in Nigeria and people are forced to buy it no matter how hard it seems to be just to know what is happening worldwide and for business as well. With the availability of google free Wi-Fi, automatically things will change shape especially when it comes to data price. Many internet illiterate will become literate as they can now purchase and make use of smartphone with low cost instead of seeing it as Bank of expenses – LOL.

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