Enjoy 100% Airtime Bonus Of What You Recharged in All Network

Is always good to have goodies around you. Infact, having goodies around put smiles on faces of all Nigeria youth especially in this hard time economy. Everything about airtime bonus/cheat got disappeared while the remaining ones are just officially given buy the network which are in bonus from instead of real cash which makes it useless to many people.

Sometimes self it’s more frustrating as the respective network will tag it as their line to line usefulness eg ( Mtn to Mtn).

Well Man not hot 😁 as Opera mini which announced their Online payment Service via Operapay (Opay) are on its market strategy buy giving out 100% bonus of what ever you recharged. The funny part of it all is that it will be added to your main balance instead of bonus.

Enjoy 100% Airtime Of What You Recharged in All Network

Irrespective of the network you are using, once you topup your airtime from operapay you will get the same amount added to it eg ( Recharge N100 and get N200, Recharge N500 and get N1000 etc)


To be eligible for the double airtime bonus, you have to topup starting with N50 if you are in Nigeria and Kes50 if you are in Kenya.

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For instance a recharge or topup of N50 gives you N100. Recharge N100, you get N200, recharge N500, you get N1000 and so on. The same is applicable to Kenyans; recharge Kes 10 and get Kes 20 and so on.

You see this is a great opportunity you shouldn’t close your eyes on. The service is still very new and they are doing everything possible to draw customers.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  1. Mastercard
  2. M-PESA (for Kenyans)
  3. Airtel Money
  4. Visa

Availabile Opay (OperaPay) Services

  1. Airtime Purchase (Active)
  2. Cable TV (Coming Soon)
  3. Electricity (Coming Soon)
  4. Water (Coming Soon)

As you can see, some of the services are not yet fully launched but buying of airtime is LIVE now in Nigeria and Kenya.

How To Use OperaPay

  1. Open operapay.com then tap on the collapsible menu icon (three bars on the extra that’s if you are using a smartphone).
  2. Click on sign in and enter your phone number which will receive a time code for you to login in. There’s no sign-up and setting of password.
  3. You also have the option of deleting the account.
  4. Tap on airtime then enter the number you wish to buy for.
  5. Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase
  6. Select a payment form like Mastercard, Visa, M-PESA etc
  7. Pay as given details by OperaPay.
Enjoy 100% Airtime Of What You Recharged in All Network

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have account with them, simply go on by adding your phone number and selecting the amount of airtime you wish to purchase, payout and enjoy your %100 double bonus.

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  • It’s easy to use
  • No hidden charges
  • Card security is assured
  • Bonuses and incentives are given
  • You can TopUp on the gi through your phone or PC
  • Accepts Mastercard and Visa card which are very popular locally
  • Opera is an authority name

Disadvantages or Pros

  • It requires internet connection
  • Your phone must have data and internet capability
  • Though it’s secured but anything can happen
  • No app for it yet
  • No USSD code
  • No Bitcoin payment option

What do you think about this? To me i believe they will go far as we all know that opera is not new to online as it have been their since the days of Java phone lol.

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