Checkout how to Create ‘Love Story’ Movies Using Your Pics on Google Photo

Checkout how to Create 'Love Story' Movies Using Your Pics on Google Photo

For memories, Google Photos has now added the ability to let you produce Love Story movies using your old but gold memories photos. The new change comes through the Google Assistant integration within the Photos app that offers a dedicated ‘Love Story’ theme to join your romantic shots together along with a soothing background.

The latest theme sits alongside the nine existing themes, including a Valentine’s Day Movie theme that Google brought in February. Google Photos also notably includes the Meow Movie and Doggie Movie as the two pet-focused themes to let you showcase your love with pets – of course, in addition to your partner.


To create a Love Story film, open your google photo app and go to Assistant tab from the bottom of the app and then tap Movie from the Create new section. After that, hit the Love Story card to begin the action. The theme requires a large number of photos of you and your partner to create new movies. Also, you need to enable the face grouping feature on Google Photos to let the Assistant detect the faces of both of you.

Once Google Photos gets the relevant images, you can edit the shots using the enhanced video editing capabilities. You can also add new photos or videos to the timeline or change the background theme music from the preset option that a similar acoustic guitar music that first arrived on the Valentine’s Day theme.

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The Love Story movies can be created on devices running Android and iOS or directly through the Web.

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