You can now add hashtag and profile links to your instagram bio

Instagram introduced Focus and Mention Sticker features on Android and iOS


You can now add hashtag (#) and profile links (@) to your instagram bio. The introduction of the hashtag and profile links on bio was made on Thursday.

Incase you don’t know, Instagram biographies are where users introduce themselves to their “followers” and to the world just like profile and they have a space of 150 characters to do it.

You can now add hashtag (#) and profile links (@) to your instagram bio

Previously, you could only add text and not a proper link in your Instagram bios, with the new feature, whenever a user mentions another account or hashtag in their profile bio, it will show an actual link that people can tap on.

This means when now when a user uses a “#” or “@” in their bio, the text becomes a live link, which further leads to a hashtag page or another user’s profile respectively.


To use the new feature, go to Edit Profile option and go to the Bio section. Here, you can add a hashtag or tag someone. The hashtag will automatically be converted into a clickable hyperlink. It will also suggest trending hashtags as you write.

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Further more, users can link to someone else’s profile without the need to add the whole “” part. Similar to how you tag a person in the comments section of a post, just type “@” followed by the name. and the link will be added. Interestingly, when you link to another person’s profile, they will get a notification and they can also disable the link, if they wish to.

The introduction of hashtag and profile links in Instagram bio makes the space a little more useful.

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