BOOM! How to Get Mtn 8GB for N2000 Valid for 1month

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No cheat, no worries as you can comfortably enjoy Mtn 8GB. Wait, Do you know you can Get Mtn 8gb with N2,000 valid for one month? You must be wondering how possible it is but the plain truth is that it’s 100% possible.

This Mtn 8gb for N2,000 seems to be the one of best subscription after the 9mobile 1gb for N200 which is eligible for some during the week days and eligible to all during weekend.

How to get Mtn 8GB For N2000

The Mtn 8gb is too economical to the extended that those who earn N1,000 pay week can stick to it with no worries.  The Mtn 8GB is somehow tricky so i won’t say its official from Mtn rather the data being given is 100% official.

The 8gb for N2,000 is too pocket friendly because you don’t need to have upto N2,000 before you are eligible to subscribe. Ahh really complicated right ? Lol OK i will explain it below on mathematical form.

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Yes it is possible because it’s mtn 100% data doubler which doubles all your subscription (x2). To get the mtn 8gb you need to;

✅ First of all Migrate to Mtn pluse by dialing *406*1#
✅ After successful migration, click here and follow the procedures accordingly to get your 100% double data activated.

Oh yeah! Everything is now set. Now to get the Mtn 8GB for N2000, you need to sub for Mtn N500 which is valid for 1week. It’s valid for 1week if you sub once, but if you sub twice or more it will be valid for 1week multiply by number of sub.

I believe you now got some clew to what my point is in here but for those who aren’t cool to reason fast, I will explain everything below.


N500 Sub = 1gb ( +1gb Double data) valid for 1week
Sub N500 twice via N500 + N500 (N1,000) = 1gb + 1gb ( +1gb +1gb double data) valid for 2weeks.

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Therefore; if you subscribe N500 4x you will be given 4gb +4gb double data making it N2000 for 8GB and the validity will be rollover to 4weeks approximately 1month.

To subscribe to Mtn 1gb for N500, kindly dial *103#

Ahhh, you are smiling right lol. Let’s continue. You can also subscribe once a week if you don’t have N2000 to do it at once which will also be N500 x 4 = N2000.

Although this aren’t a new post but i believe it will be of help to you all. Enjoy.

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