Blackberry to Remove All Paid Apps From “Blackberry World” App Store on 1st April

Blackberry to Remove All Paid Apps From "Blackberry World" App Store on 1st April

Blackberry is taking it to another level as BlackBerry Limited make it clear to few app developers that they will forcibly remove paid software from the “BlackBerry World” app store from April 1. Is this really a good move? Well let’s scroll down to know their reason.

SlashGear said “BlackBerry has started alerting developers with paid apps in the ‘BlackBerry World’ store through email. According to the message, BB10 users won’t be able to purchase anything from the store starting on April 1 when the paid content will be removed,”

Blackberry to Remove All Paid Apps From "Blackberry World" App Store on 1st April

The company said the marketplace will become a “free-only storefront” (wow, good news to all users) and that “all purchasing mechanisms will be disabled”.

The company mark a great warning saying, “That switch from paid to free must happen by March 31. Any paid content that hasn’t been converted will simply be removed altogether on the next day. Developers who only have free content on ‘BlackBerry World’ don’t need to take any action,”

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Actually this move is to benefit all blackberry device users but to all paid developers, it’s a SmackDown lol. What do you think about this move from Blackberry?

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